Winter Sun Farms Mission

Regional · Fair · Sustainable

Winter Sun Farms started with the simple notion of eating more of the wonderful Hudson Valley bounty all year long. In looking at our food system I decided we could do a much better job. I set out to deliver great food, but to follow some important principles.

We are Regional. We buy from Hudson Valley farms, we process in the Hudson Valley and we sell in the region.

We are Fair. We price our food to make a profit, but also to be fair to the farms and to our members. We consider our farms and members partners in our mission.

We are Sustainable. Sustainable can mean many things, but to us it means taking into consideration all the elements we touch. From recycling containers, to composting waste, and especially how our food is grown.

The food is what drives us. We strive to make delicious products with the highest quality produce, but in doing so, we vow not to forget the farmer who grows our food, the person who eats our food, and the land that nurtures us all.