Share Options

We listed an example of our shares based on the produce we're contracting with farmers to grow for us this year.  Each year our shares look a little bit different; as with any CSA, mother nature dictates whether we have more or less of a certain vegetable or berry.  

Each item is a package of individually quick frozen (IQF) or frozen pureed fruits or vegetables.  The IQF process freezes each kernel of corn, each green bean, which not only maximizes flavor, but allows you to use what you need, and put the rest of the package back in the freezer.  We freeze at the peak of freshness, often hours after the farmer's harvest.  That is why our food is so fresh and delicious!  

5 Month Share 

 Number of

Red Plum Tomato Puree, glass jar - 24oz    5

Red, Green & Yellow Peppers, diced - 12oz    3

Whole Blueberries - 8oz    5

Chopped Broccoli - 16oz    3

Sweet Corn - 16oz    3

Green Beans - 12oz    4

Butternut Squash Puree - 16oz    3

Fall Greens (Kale/Collards) - 12oz    2

Cauliflower - 12oz    2

Fresh Pea Shoots - 1/3 lb    5

35 items in Total — 7 items per monthly pick-up

*This is an example share - the make up of each share is subject to change at any point.

One Time Pickup
with 3 bonus items for only $122!

(available in New Paltz, Kingston, and Poughkeepsie only)

Some members have found it easier and more convenient to pick up their entire 5 month share at once and skip the monthly trips. Members who choose this option will pick up their entire winter's share at the first distribution in December, get $10 off the share price AND get 3 extra bags of frozen veggies. What a deal! 

Best of all, you get to choose what goes into your share! 
(Please note that there may be a limit to how many of one item can go into a share)

Consider this option if:

* You have a big freezer or want to devote your regular freezer space to Winter Sun veggies
* You want to make sure you get the perfect amount of your favorite Winter Sun Farms veggies
* You will be out of town for 2 or more of the pickups
* You love having lots of delicious local produce on hand!
* You have a big family and/or love to cook