As a Co-Packer we make your product, so you can have time to grow your business. If you have a great product ready for production or already in production, The Farm Bridge can help you.

If you have sales above $250,000, please visit this page to learn more. For farmers, please visit our Farmer page for information on co-packing and other services.

For start-ups or new companies with sales below $250,000, please see below.


We receive hundreds of inquiries a year. In order to help as many as we can as efficiently as possible, we ask all newer companies to supply us with information before starting any conversations.

Although we work with many new companies, we normally do not do initial product development.

For all products we will need a scaled list of ingredients and a step-by-step procedure. The list of ingredients must include weights for every ingredient, not volume or number of items. The procedure must include every step of the process including prep, cooking and any waiting periods. We also like to see packaging/labeling information and volume projections as these are factors in the pricing as well. For jarred, shelf-stable items or refrigerated products we need a NYS approved process for food safety. If you do not have an approved scheduled process, please try one of the following processing authorities to obtain one:

Northeast Center for Food Entrepreneurship at Cornell University

Food Science Institute
Manhattan, Kansas
Fadi M. Aramouni, PHD

In Summary We Need

  • product size and packaging requirements, including case size
  • detailed manufacturing plan, commercialized recipe
  • scheduled process if required
  • current and future volume projections

Once you have the above documentation, please use the Co-Packing Inquiry Form below to contact us. We will then determine if we can make your product or not. If it looks like a possible fit, we will reach out to you to discuss your product further. If all looks good, we will send a mutual non-disclosure agreement which ensures that your recipe will not be used for any other reason than your production at our facility, and a Customer Agreement stating the terms and conditions for use of our facility.


The next step is to schedule a test run of the product at our facility. We do test runs to find out how the recipe and procedure will work in real life and real time. A test run for most products costs $1650 not including materials. A test run for USDA products costs between $1650 and $2500 not including materials depending on the extent of the compliance paperwork needed for USDA requirements.  (This will be determined upon reviewing the recipe)

The customer needs to provide the raw ingredients and packaging materials; we provide the labor and facility to produce your product. We do have some sources for these materials, but the procurement and pricing of these materials is up to each individual customer.

The test run may produce between 100-300 pieces of usable product. If the test run is successful, we will give you a unit price. However, the test run is not always successful and you should be prepared for additional testing. After the initial test run, the product goes to test production run. We will do our best to make this a smooth transition, but these are food products and need to be tested as they scale-up. The client is responsible for all the scale-up risk in producing and bringing their product to market, including labor and ingredients.

We will point out possibilities to modify the recipe or procedure if we can find ways to lower your costs. Our goal is to make and keep your costs low, so you become a thriving business and a valuable customer to us.

Additional Resources for Start-ups

Book: From Kitchen to Market by Stephen Hall

International Food Network
Charlotte Dieroff Business Development

35 Thornwood Drive
Ithaca, NY 14850
Office:    607-257-5129 x299
Fax:         607-257-4695
Cell:        315-440-0589

Fadi M. Aramouni, Ph.D Professor/Extension Specialist
Food Science Institute

216 Call Hall, KSU,
Manhattan, KS 66506
785-532-3295 (FAX)

Fred F. Jewett, MS
Food Science New England
126 Merrimac St #57
Newburyport, MA01950
978-394-1814 (cell)

Co-Packing Inquiry Form for Start-ups

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